Couples Journey

What Awaits You

Listed below are a general description of the sessions I recommend to gain a strong foundation in red tantra. After our consultation, I may make modifications depending on boundaries which are always welcomed and honored. As important as boundaries are, I lovingly encourage you to be open, curious, and willing to explore and try new ways of experiencing intimacy and pleasure.

I have gorgeous sarongs for you to wear. If you prefer, you are welcome to bring your own. Please limit caffeine intake and avoid alcohol and meat the day of your appointment. It’s best to have no obligations after sessions as you will want to continue to nurture, celebrate and build upon all the ecstatic sexual energy you have created.

If you feel you need extra one on one support, I offer individual sessions to the Goddess. I will refer the masculine to a trusted tantric practitioner. It is VITAL you practice what I teach you as each session builds towards the next. To allow for time to practice, I recommend you come in no sooner than once per month.

Session 1

In this heart opening journey you will practice being completely present in the moment with your beloved as you learn to awaken and consciously move sexual energy throughout the whole body. This session offers you an opportunity to dive deep into the five senses and delight in new ways of experiencing pleasure.  ( 90 min)


Session 2

In this powerful, exciting session you will learn about yin and yang energy as well as practice the art of touch and authentic communication. You will learn to create a supportive, sensual container where both partners can freely surrender to each other as they embrace and embody the energy they cultivate through deepening their tantra practices.  ( please bring something to take notes …. 2.5hrs )

Session 3

I will guide the masculine in giving a tantra healing ritual to his Goddess.  ( 2hrs)

Session 4

 I will guide the feminine in giving a tantra healing ritual to her Beloved.  ( 2hrs)

A tantra healing removes energetic blockages in the body that prevents us from deeply connecting, living ecstatically and from experiencing our fullest pleasure potential.


Session 5

You will be guided in advanced breathing techniques that unite body, mind and spirit as well as be introduced to the wonderful world of energy orgasms.   ( 90 min)

Deeper Connection and Bliss Await You!