Couples Sessions

I absolutely LOVE teaching tantra to couples who desire an exciting, heart centered, pleasure filled, deep intimate connection.

Love and passion is like a fire. In the first stages of relationship the fire burns bright with ease. As time progresses, if not tended and nurtured, the fire may slowly lose its magical flare. I work with couples who desire to reignite their flame and learn skills to be able to continually nurture their physical and energetic connection. I also coach couples who share enjoyable intimate experiences but would like to go even deeper and are seeking the knowledge and expertise to do so.

I create a tantra journey specifically for you and your beloved based on your wants and needs as a couple.

You will be guided through several tantra practices and pleasure enhancement techniques you can take home and explore in the intimate setting of your sensual sanctuary.

Although Tantra is a spiritual practice, I use a more practical approach for the modern day couple when teaching this beautiful art. My intention is for you to integrate tantra techniques into your lives without feeling overwhelmed or taking too much time.

It’s not uncommon for couples to laugh, cry and feel blissful sexual energy all in the same session. I lovingly encourage you to make the commitment to expand and enhance your affection and intimacy. You are worth it!

Please note, I am an intimacy coach not a counselor. If your experiencing challenges in your relationship I highly recommend working with a reputable councilor in addition to my services.

Much love to you both,


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Jamie is an absolutely amazing practitioner. My wife and I booked a couples session in order to try and reconnect emotionally, and also learn from her experience and expertise in the tantric arts. From the get-go she was responsive, kind, understanding, and genuinely vested in our experience. Jamie’s studio was inviting and beautiful; it truly helped set the mood. She was sensitive to my wife’s apprehensions while also encouraging us to expand outside of our own comfort zone. She took the time to educate us and also offer valuable hands-on instruction. She was a true facilitator of a beautiful experience that all couples should partake in. Whether you are trying to reconnect, stoke the fire, or increase your knowledge, you and your significant other should absolutely visit and learn from Jamie. I can unequivocally recommend her and can’t wait for our next session. Looking forward to learning more from her while also improving my relationship ship with my spouse for many years to come.


A session with Jamie is pure happiness.  You will be treated with tenderness, consideration, and positive energy.  Her voice soothes, her touch invigorates.  I have had visits with other providers, but none compare with Jamie.  If you need an awakening of your energy or simply a renewal of positivity in your life, a session with Jamie is the best thing you can do for yourself.


Boise, ID