Women's Sessions

Imagine entering a beautiful temple solely dedicated to YOU and the unveiling of your inner goddess.

Here you will find a soft, nurturing, peaceful sanctuary to rest, rediscover and rejuvenate. A place where you can be completely carefree and nothing is expected of you. A safe space where you can fully express yourself without fear of judgment. 

This temple of bliss is a haven where you are honored, adored and recognized as the high priestess you truly are.


I am humbled and honored to guide my sisters on a journey where they can open their hearts and unlock the powerful energies of the sacred, sensual feminine.

During our time together you will shine brilliant light and breathe new life into the most intimate parts of you. Connect with the flow of your feminine essence feeling radiant, playful and alive. Let go of past traumas, shame and wounding that hold you back from experiencing ecstatic pulsing pleasure, unbridled passion, freedom and self love. Unveil hidden desires that are ripe and ready to be consciously explored.

Using breath, gentle touch and visualization your energy will be bathed in juicy nectar and adorned and bejewel with everything divine. Your creative embers will be stirred and stoked bringing your dreams into full fruition. Dance with delight in the healing powers of earth and cosmic energies bringing balance and harmony within your luminous being.

Ultimately you will drink in the intoxicating infusion of body mind and spirit united as one. This gift of wholeness and coming home to ones true self is for all women who are willing and open to experience their sexual energy as a transformational experience like a majestic flower coming into full bloom.

My gentle approach comes from a place of sisterly love and motherly nurture.

I hold space for you to surrender to your own unfolding in your own time. I recognize and honor the bravery it takes to be a woman willing to take a deep journey into her sexuality. I lovingly encourage you to expand and grow yet I am sensitive to boundaries OR perceived limitations that will eventually be dissolved when you are ready to see just how powerful you are! I ask you to put your faith and trust in the innate wisdom found in your sacred body that ultimately guides the session. May all the gifts of the Goddess be showered upon you. You deserve it!

With all my love,


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I went into this with nothing but an open mind and left with an open heart. This experience exceeded all expectations and changed my life. I went from tears to laughter to complete transcendence as Jamie guided me through a healing process you must experience to believe. Absolutely mind blowing and addicting. She will teach you how to reconnect with your true inner self and breathe precious life back into the most sacred realms of the soul.


St. George

I went in to a session with Jamie a little apprehensive and not quite knowing what to expect. Jamie took time to get to know me and talk to me before the session which made me feel comfortable and completely at ease.
I knew I needed healing and went in to the session with the intention of releasing some past sexual trauma. I had no idea of the amazing tantric healing I would receive or the transformation that would occur.
After some powerful breath work and energy work, much to my amazement the Goddess Kali appeared to me during the session and came and gobbled up all the darkness that was inside of me. It was so beautiful and profound I am still in awe weeks later! I feel like a new person and all the pain of my past trauma is gone.
Jamie is truly a gifted practitioner and skilled in her craft. I recommend her to anyone and will definitely be back!

Crystle Lynne

Boise, ID