Women's Benefits

I am truly delighted and honored to work with women who are seeking a journey into their sexuality.

Some of my clients have had traumatic experiences around sex and are in much need of healing. Often women are disconnected from their sexual energy and desire to feel more vibrancy and pleasure. Some struggle with experiencing orgasmic sensations. Almost all women who see me yearn to have a more positive self image and feel more comfortable in their body. Whatever your reason I lovingly and enthusiastically encourage you to discover the gifts tantra has to offer you.

You are worth it!


Women's Benefits

Increased feeling and sensation in the sexual center

Unleash your inner seductress

Be more confident and expressive in all aspects of life, particularly your sexuality

More awareness around likes and dislikes and how to vocalize your desires

Learn to access all your orgasmic potential

Activate Shakti

(Force of the feminine strength and the flavors of feminine love)

More playfulness and exuberance towards life

Dissolve guilt and shame around sexuality

Heal past traumas and wounding stored in the body

More self love and acceptance

Be more peaceful, content and centered

Awaken the power of spiritual perception

Due to generous donors, financial assistance is available for women’s sessions.


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