Men's Sessions

My unique offering is a journey of body and soul exploration infused with tantric and taoist teachings masterfully designed to take you into a state of deep surrender and bliss.

 Through these practices you will dance with a force and a flow of energy that has the power to heal past wounds and traumas that hold you back from being in you true essence which is unbridled freedom and love.

I lovingly invite you to relax, receive, and be showered with the gifts of the sensual divine feminine. Passions and balanced desires will be ignited as we slowly build your fire bigger and brighter. You will move through peaks and valleys riding waves of ecstasy immersed in a timeless state where only body and breath exist. In the most heightened state, experience your whole being pulsing with pleasure, feeling electric, alive, and completely renewed.

Ultimately, body mind and spirit become one and the soft embrace of wholeness is your healing elixir to drink in and take with you. Welcome to a new ecstatic awareness of the pure deliciousness of life!

It’s my honor and pleasure to offer this transformative experience to sincere seekers who are open and willing to experience sexual energy and sensuality as a magical form of art.

My beloved clients come to see me for a variety of reasons.

Many just want to relax ,enjoy, clear their minds and celebrate their sexual energy in a beautiful, judgement free, safe, loving, sensuous environment. Some desire to become better lovers and enhance their intimacy skills. Several are in need of loving touch, a necessity for all humans.

Often men seek my help who are experiencing challenges with erections or releases. Others are more serious students of tantra who practice the art for healing and self transformation. Whatever your reason, I lovingly and ecstatically welcome you to discover the gifts that tantra has to offer you. You deserve it!

In loving rapture,


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I can highly recommend Jamie as a true Tantric Goddess! She is beautiful, passionate, and incredibly sexy! She makes you feel immediately comfortable in her studio space and really helps you stay focused on your breath, being centered, mindful and present in the moment. She will lead you on beautiful journey to connect powerfully to your sexuality! If only I could see Jamie more often! Give her a call, you will not be disappointed…

Chris R.

Boise, ID

Jamie is at once professional and sensual. She takes her charge of teaching the movement of kundalini energy very seriously. The result is fun, sexy and very rewarding. After working with her I experienced huge improvements in my quality of life: not just in the bedroom but in the little mundane parts of daily life as well.


Boise, ID

Jamie is a special and amazing person. She made me feel so comfortable and welcomed at first sight. She took the time to talk and get to know me and my feelings before the incredible session began. She shares her great energy touching your body, heart and soul in a manner that you have to experience to believe. Jamie is a great healer and a beautiful person. I highly recommend Jamie. I’m so thankful she took the time to see me and I appreciate her great kindness and talents.

Jonn W

Boise, ID